Level 10
Amount of Health 249
Passive/Aggressive Aggressive
Defense type Magic defense
Offence type Preemptive
Offence method Melee/Magic
Region China
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Originally the Yeoha was the elf of the tree to protect the nature as the demon lived in the southeast area of the southern valley in Jangan. They was the good elves to protect and assist the travelers who passed by the mountain path or valley. But they become depraved to the wicked elves.

Silkroad Website

Yeoha's can be found around and south of the Exorcist's Home.

Drops Edit

  • Gold
  • lvl 8 weaponry(blade,sword,glaive....)
  • lvl 10 accessorys
  • lvl 8-10 armor(protector,garment,armor)
  • Bark,

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