Small-eyed Ghost
Small-eyed Ghost
Level 2
Amount of Health 55
Passive/Aggressive Passive
Defense type General
Offence type Non-Preemptive
Offence method Melee
Region China
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Small-limbed monster out of the Big-eyed Ghosts. Its eyes also are smaller. It is violent in comparison with its small body.

Silkroad Website

Small-eyed Ghosts can be found in the Grasslands south of Jangan. These are usually distinguishable from their yellowish green tint which sets them apart from any Big-eyed Ghost

Drops Edit

  • Gold
  • Level 1 armor parts
  • Level 1 accessory
  • HP and MP berries
  • Elixers*

Items marked with a star (*) are uncommon and very rare.

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