Creating a good, balanced and strong character in silkroad is not a simple task. The two ingredients that affect characters the most and are not easily changeable (or not changeable at all) are skills and str/int points. Many players underestimate the importance of changing those variables very carefully. This guide will include information about "pure" characters, "non-pure" characters and about choosing equipment and skills.

Pure Characters Edit

Today, most experienced players create "pure" characters, a character that is built in a special way. There are two types of "pure" characters: a pure int and a pure str, both of them having their own advantages and disadvantages. Pure int's have a small amount of health and are usually killed easily, however they damage the most using magical damage and kill many other players/monsters in a single hit. Pure str's can cause a lot of physical damage and they have good defense especially when using heavy armor and a lot of health. However, they lack mana and cannot use a lot of skills. By now, you probably ask yourselves, how do I create such characters? Well, the answer is simple. After each level up, each character gains three points. When pressing the 'c' button, you can see you have the hp and mp stats and a plus sign. You can use the points you gain to increase either your str that affects hp and physical strength or int that affects mp and magical strength. While most players add some points to each of the stats, pure characters add all their points to only one of the stats. Thus, they create a high physical or magical ratio that allows them to make more damage using certain attacks, and have a lot of hp or mp. In Silkroad, pures are the strongest players. Pure ints are always the ones that get the price for large or unique monsters while pure strengths have enough hp to take a giant monster alone. In pvp(player vs. player) battle, it takes a lot of damage to kill the strong pure str that makes more physical damage than any other character, while the pure ints can kill most of the players that exist in a single hit.